Saturday, May 2, 2009

Baggy Pants

Well I have returned from the dead. The inevitable scourge of visitors to India .. Delhi Belly.. hit me and this in the middle of the swine flu pandemic where any temperature rise brings worries that the borders will be closed. My god, I don't think H would forgive me if I got sick and put in hospital delaying my return home to her.

My driver, Shakil, was somewhat concerned about my stomach and suggested I get some remedy from the chemist which is marketed as a cure-all. Add a few drops to water and drink. Well, I'm not saying it cured me, because I had been taking drugs from the travel doctor prescribed for that purpose, but all I'm saying is that I was feeling much soothed and better the next day. The claims for this potion are somewhat amazing and to quote from the leaflet in the box..
"Internal uses.. Coughs, colds (as a rub), Throats, stomach, dysentery, malaria, cholera, breathing trouble, headache, toothache, ear trouble, pains and scorpion sting!! Now cus I know you will be interested, the treatment for scorpion sting is "Rub 4 drops on the parts stung and apply heat from embers. Repeat until relief."

Did I already say this.. H and I want to have children? However the course of hot lust never runs smooth :D

I have 2 children already and never thought I would have any more but I developed this powerful urge to have children with H, who I should add desperately wants this too. I am 48 and should be looking forward to a quiet settled life. So I observe an interesting facet of humanity (or is that maleness) that the urge to procreate isn't something unique to the teenager. I am as rampant and as (at least mentally) virile as I ever have been. Well, sometimes, the body is weaker than the mind, and I can't claim to have the speed and strength of youth, but like a wily veteran sportsman I have stamina and staying power using the skills acquired through age. I'm getting off the track a little but I have found in H a partner who is as eager and passionate as I am. This is a must for a stable relationship. There are no sexual tensions, except for the ones that make the blood hot, and potential for future roving which can cause problems over time. I still fancy H as well as love her and my return from this trip is going to be very messy after 3 weeks of "you can look but you can't touch" (Referring to the use of skype to stay in touch across the globe.)
Anyway the point I'm making is that eagerness and desire does not always result in procreation. In fact after a year and no success we have sought medical advice and after a lot of very embarrassing tests what do we find .. we are clinically infertile! Not a good result - fortunately this doesn't mean that its impossible, just improbable. What? You ask. Surely this offers hope? you cry. Well, I reply. It means that every month becomes another disappointment. Nothing to show for another month of denying ourselves caffeine and alcohol so as to make healthy sperm and eggs. Another month of carefully controlled coitus so as not to deplete the sperm count too much before reaching the window of opportunity. I believe H has read so much on the subject of reproduction that she could easily provide medical advice herself on the subject.

Needless to say, my trip to India was not popular because it denied us 2 months of possible fertilisation opportunity! To be honest Bob down the road may be called on to do the business. It seems quite likely that we will pursue IVF on my return because it looks like the only route to find out if we can produce enough healthy eggs/sperm to make fertilisation possible.

So whatever happens - we are throwing ourselves into it TOGETHER and we will follow whatever path life throws us.

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