Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ants in My Pants

It just started to rain and its good old fashioned thundering rain. My god its pounding the roof of my cabin so hard I can hardly hear. Is this the start of the monsoon? - though I would love experience a monsoon I dont think I would like to do it here at this moment in time.

Something funny happened last night - I was awakened at 4 am by banging on the walls of my cabin. My mind went into overdrive and I was convinced I was being set upon by local thieves trying to break in. So I had my phone in my hand with the number of the local police station called up while I peered out the window into the darkness. Well it turned out that a freak gust of wind had billowed arounf my dwelling making everything loose rattle and shake. What a poof!

My wife and I have made a huge decision – we are going to move to Brisbane and try to start a new life together. I got a job just when we had given up hope of getting work in any of the places we had shortlisted and then out of the blue I got a job offer within 3 days of the interview. The ironic thing is H had just finished unpacking our belongings from the first move after living with them stacked in every room for a year – Just typical isn’t it!

So its like this .. I arrive back from India on the Tuesday then after a few hours of lusty face sucking it’s on with packing to fly out on the Thursday with just enough time to fit in the goodbyes to work on the Wednesday. Totally crazy but this is a chance to begin life together properly in a place with no baggage. So much to see and do and a whole life to do it.

I am amazed at how much we have grown and changed since we have been together. We have been talking together a lot since I have been in India. Our relationship really took off when we were apart in the same manner as this. We talk for hours about things which spawned from something that happened or popped into our heads during the day or maybe a memory from the past. The feeling you get when things spark between you is as good as sex (well almost). But this trip has allowed me in particular to separate myself a little from the spin that life had taken on so that I was able to think above the immediate necessities of life.

Before I met H I hardly uttered a sentence to anyone above practicalities. But from the first day I met H, over 10 years ago, I was driven by an urge to talk and I haven’t stopped talking to her from that day. But it took 10 years before we got together and I can’t believe it. I still enjoy talking to her – we just spark together. Communication is central to our relationship but it took a long time before I learned that difficult subjects were better discussed openly and not run away from. Gads we had many an upset across the miles because of my inability to speak of the bad as well as the good. This is one of the big changes in both of us. H is so much more relaxed now we are together and the reason for fights now almost nonexistent. Ironic really because if anything she has more to cause her angst in this new life than in her old. And the change in me.. I don’t hide from her angst and I find that if we talk problems through together they can be managed as a team.

So you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. I never cease to be amazed by what life brings and in the twists and turns the path of true love takes – My god I love her so much.

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