Friday, July 30, 2010

Dirty Pants

Well not yet but soon! Yep, after going through all the stress of getting my business set up in Jan/Feb, naturally if there was ever a time to get pregnant that would be it. Unfortunately the pregancy had a very grim start, 4 months of being able to do nothing other than lie on the sofa, my only outings being little holidays to the hospital for rehydration and eventually a course of steroids to try to break the cycle. Bye bye new business, or at least bye bye for now.

We're still counting our blessings though. We can't wait to meet our new arrival at the end of the year and we've finally had some good news in the form of an offer on our house which has been vacant and on the market for 30 months (!), using up every scrap of savings we had which weren't being used for medical expenses.

It's good to have a little glimmer of hope again.

And we're still more and more in love every day, so it can't be bad. The moral of the story so far then - don't give up. As long as life goes on something will always happen next. Of course there's no guarantee it'll always be something good but it'll always give you a new perspective.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Business Pants

Well well well! Such an amazing amount of life has happened between the last post and this, and I don't mean new life either, just life life. We may or may not get back to that later.

So, Business Pants, what's that all about eh? Simply, it's the decision whether or not to go into business doing something I really love for a relative pittance or to try for a job in my old career which would mean next to no responsibility and at least double the salary. Can't believe I'm at this stage in my life where this is even a consideration, but here I am!

It's been almost 2 years since I completely gave up my life to move to the other side of the planet to be with my new husband and I'm finally allowed to start looking for work here now my visa's through, but what to do?!

This is gonna be a bumpy ride...

We're in it together all the way honey!