Saturday, April 25, 2009

Travel Pants

Or maybe more like – travels in my pants… A blog has to start with a first posting which is a rather sort of uncomfortable beginning but like a very long journey it starts with just a single step. This current journey finds me in India sitting in a room on an Indian Air Force Base Officer’s Quarters. Not the usual place for a holiday- but for the very good reason this is for work. I’m not going to be saying much about work because this is about the travel.

My musings started on board the Airbus 333 flying at 34000ft between Adelaide and Singapore – business class! I don’t get to do this much but I have to say cattle class, my normal location for such a journey, doesn’t leave much space for such musings, or at least the musing are more likely to be along the lines off “Wish the guy next to me would take his head off my shoulder and stop drooling into my Gin and Tonic”.

There a few moments in ones life where one feels that things can change and this was one of them….

My life changed completely at Christmas when I got married….again. (See the optimism I have for life). I am watching the film “The Yes Man” with Jim Carey and it seems to hit home and I am in tears. I am carried away on a wave of optimism thinking that maybe if I said Yes more instead of No life would be so much easier and so many more opportunities would open up. But then I realise there are pitfalls in that philosophy and sure enough the film shown what will happen as people take advantage of your disposition.

But looking back I see that in fact many of the big changes in your life start with Yes. My new wife said Yes to me and now we are married, she up sticks to join me in Australia, leaving family and home behind. She is not what you could call a risk taker and yet she took the biggest risk of her life by saying Yes.

It was a famous actress Lauren Bacall who said she learnt “always say no unless there is an overwhelming reason to say yes”. So there is also a power of saying No.

Then the captain of the plane did a wonderful thing. He diverted the flight plan so that we could look down on Uluru.

Live to surprise yourself, expect the unexpected, and embrace the moment.

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MHW said...

Just beautiful. Your wife must love you very much. I wish you the very best for the long journey in front of you - your attitude is the right one, enjoy your life!

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